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Is there a cost to set up an event?

Yes. We want you to have fun while making an impact in the local community. Let That's Just Good customize an event to your specified budget and group size.

How many people can participate?

We want you to have the flexibility to determine your group size.  Whether it's a group of 20 or 200+, the team at That's Just Good can certainly host a successful event.  Keep in mind, that we will need to make arrangements for a venue to accommodate your group.  We have lots of resources available to assist with your plans.  

How long does an event take and where does it take place?

The average event is 90 minutes, but we can time an event to range from one to three hours.  


We can host the event at your company, or identify a local venue to accommodate your team's event.  We recommend a large, open space such as a ballroom, conference room, outdoor shelter, or even an open-air space that can work with the right setup!  A good estimate is about 10- 20 sq ft per person for most events.   

How far in advance do we need to book?

Ideally, we should schedule your event 1-3 weeks in advance to give enough time to promote the event to your team (pending your needs).  Date availability is based on a first-come-first-serve basis. Your date is confirmed once the deposit is placed. Plan ahead to get the best options.

Who chooses the benefiting organization?

That's Just Good has fostered relationships with several charitable organizations as benefactors from these events.  If you have a preferred organization you would like to suggest, just let us know in your quote request and we will reach out to them directly.

Can this be a community-wide event sponsored by us?

Absolutely!  We love a "That's Just Good" block party!  Kidding aside, we believe community involvement has a huge impact on the continued support for all these worthy causes.  Simply request a quote for the event and we will help coordinate the activity for your community.  

What days of the week and what times can we host an event?

We believe that a good deed can happen every day, and at any time.  Send us a date and time you would like to host an event.  We can work out the best time together. Pending on partners in your area will help us understand what time the event needs to be finished.

Can we set up recurring events?

Now you're just trying to win our hearts over!  We are happy to talk through the logistics of a That's Just Good commitment for recurring events.  We will require a reliable point of contact to coordinate these events and a deposit.     

Can we get the media involved?

We often use the media to promote the good deeds of our clients.  If there are specific media outlets you have in mind, we can coordinate it for you.  That's Just Good can put together a media package that will include assets you can use for internal communications and social media.   

Can we take pictures and videos?

We encourage all volunteers to take pictures and videos at each event.  Sharing them on social media is a great way to publicize your organization's charity work and highlight the impact you've made with the That's Just Good team.  We can also arrange a media professional as a part of your package to provide you with digital assets you can use for internal communications and social media. 

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