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Founded in 2020 by Nick Marino Jr., That's Just Good was created to give corporations the opportunity to give back in a fun, energized, and community-driven way. Nick has hosted over a combined 1,100 events around the world that have impacted over 6 million people in need. 


That's Just Good designs team collaboration or family bonding activities that foster a sense of working together to make a social impact. That's Just Good believes that Action and Education are fundamental catalysts for social change.  


We incorporate both into our programming to inspire individuals and groups to not only take meaningful action but also become deeply involved in the ongoing efforts of helping people that are disadvantaged. That's Just Good works with a network of charitable and other advocacy organizations to ensure that every activity has an immediate impact. 


Browse through the list of That's Just Good causes to begin making an impact. If you have a passion for a different cause, let us know so we can help design a custom event. We will also assist with promoting your event to your network of supporters, and preparing copy for local/regional/national media outlets.




Founder and Chief Giving Officer

Nick is a social entrepreneur, philanthropist, and lover of life. People say he is, "contagiously infected with enthusiasm and passion," because of all of the energy he has.

Nick was born and raised in Garland, TX (right outside of Dallas) by his parents, who are from New York City.

In 2016 Nick was named as a Top Texan Under 30. His primary focus is on making an everlasting impact in his community through the work that he does. Nick is the Director of Social Change at TangoTab, a company that is working to end hunger in America. TangoTab is a free mobile app that works with over 100,000 restaurants across the country. Every time an individual uses the TangoTab app, they earn reward points, and TangoTab feeds a person in need, in their city.

In 2020, TangoTab took a big hit (similar to the restaurant) from the Pandemic. Since then, Nick launched Tango Charities which is the charity arm of TangoTab. Tango Charities now leads efforts such as Feed The City, Cultivate Garden Programs, School Food Programs, and more.

To date, both entities have helped feed over 5.3 MILLION PEOPLE IN NEED. Feed The City events in the past 8 years have happened in 5 countries, 13 states, and 53 cities, and over 80,000 volunteers have participated. 

Prior to starting That's Just Good, Nick started Revolving Mind Media in 2016. In 2010 Nick started the blog, The Revolving Mind. After leaving a career in the corporate world, Nick transformed his blog into a business. In 2016 Nick and Aaron turned Revolving Mind Media into a marketing powerhouse that works with professional athletes, local startups, and national accounts to expand their brand through advertising and marketing. Since then, the two have launched Revolving Mind Investments and Revolving Mind Events.

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